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Dr. Koren Barrett

Dr. Koren BarrettDr Koren Barrett is a California licensed naturopathic doctor. She assists a great number of patients in the Orange county area with their medical concerns.  She employs an individualized approach for every patient to address their particular health needs.

Dr Barrett offers integrative medical care. Integrative medicine is a discipline that combines the best of both mainstream and natural therapies in one practice. She utilizes a variety of therapeutics including dietary and lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, and incorporating pharmaceutical prescriptions when needed.

Dr Barrett’s philosophy is that given the proper conditions our bodies have an innate ability to heal. By removing what harms and adding what heals we are able to continually achieve better states of health. Safety and efficacy are Dr Barrett’s top priorities. Therapies that have the lowest potential for side effects are always considered and recommended first. Dr Barrett believes in finding the underlying cause rather than treating symptoms.

She received her medical education from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland Oregon where she also completed her residency in Naturopathic Family medicine.  Dr Barrett received her pre-medical education from the Robert D Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon.

Dr Barrett is an active participant in the medical community.  Dr Barrett has been recently appointed by the governor to the California Naturopathic Medicine Committee.  She will participate on the board to protect consumers and promote the highest professional standards in the practice of naturopathic medicine.  >She is a former member of the Osteopathic Medical Board of California. 

Dr Barrett has served as Vice Chair for an independent review board (IRB). She participated in reviewing pharmaceutical, natural and medical device clinical trials to ensure informed consent and safety of subjects participating in these trials.

Dr Barrett is also on the medical advisory board for a lab/natural product company. She facilitates natural product research and development, advises on therapeutic recommendations based on functional testing and provides lectures for practitioner education.
Dr Barrett has participated as an item writer for NPLEX (Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations).  She provided examination questions for the national naturopathic board licensing exam.
Dr Barrett lectures extensively to the general public, naturopathic and medical doctors on topics including bio-identical hormones, natural fertility management, breast health, children’s health, autism, and neurotransmitter balancing.
She has been quoted in multiple health publications and provides expert consulting to institutions and organizations on integrative naturopathic medical care.

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Dr. Jessica Siani

Dr. Jessica SianiDr. Jessica Siani is a California licensed naturopathic doctor.  She currently has a
general family practice in the orange county area where in which she focuses on
helping patients optimize health and overcome chronic illness.

Dr. Siani received her medical education from Bastyr University in Seattle Washington, a leader in science-based naturopathic medical education and alterative medical research.  She received her bachelor of arts and her pre-medical education at the  University of Arizona and California State University Long Beach, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Her comprehensive medical training in both conventional and natural medicine allows Dr. Siani to provide her patients with many different options when it comes to to their healthcare needs.  Her treatment options focus on optimizing diet and nutritional status, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle factors.  She readily uses vitamin and mineral supplementation, herbal medicines, and pharmaceutical prescriptions when necessary. Her goal is to help patients move beyond symptom management, towards a state of health and well being, by empowering them to be proactive participants in their care and make healthy decisions in their everyday lives.

Outside of her in-depth medical training, Dr. Siani has also completed extensive certification courses in homeopathy, craniosacral therapy and ayurvedic medicine and integrates these therapies into her practice on a regular basis.

Her unceasing and passionate quest for knowledge and information drives her to eagerly seek out the most up-to-date medical information in both conventional and alternative medicine through continuing education.  She readily shares this information in private sessions and public lectures throughout the community.  Dr. Siani holds special interest in autoimmune conditions, women’s health, endocrine and digestive disorders, allergies, and detoxification.

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Dr Koren Barrett has been featured in Suzanne Somers book “Knockout” as a preferred doctor for Bio-identical hormone replacement and integrative medicine.  She has also been featured in Jenny McCarthy’s book “Mother Warriors: A nation of parents healing autism against all odds”.  Dr Barrett is a Defeat Autism Now! Doctor who applies a biomedical approach to the treatment of autism.

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