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Doctors Barrett, Siani, Branson and Vreeland provide integrative medical care. Integrative medicine is a discipline that combines the best of both mainstream and natural therapies in one practice; it also looks at each patient as “a whole” rather than only focusing on one part. For many people to arrive at a healthier state of being this integrative approach is essential. A person’s diet, lifestyle, genetics, and environment need to be assessed to ensure a full understanding of each individual’s health condition and needs. Our Doctors utilize a variety of therapeutics including dietary and lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, and incorporating pharmaceutical prescriptions when needed. Safety and efficacy are Our Doctors top priorities. Therapies that have the lowest potential for side effects are considered first and only when necessary are pharmaceuticals used.

The doctors have a wide breadth of expertise and knowledge to assist their patients in health and healing. In conjunction with clinical experience she utilizes comprehensive laboratory evaluations to assist in understanding the underlying cause of the symptoms of her patients.

The doctors offer integrative medicine for the entire family. They care for patients ranging in age from several days to elderly.

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Please note:  Supplements are available to purchase for patient convenience at Newport Integrative Naturopathic Health.  Patients are under no obligation to purchase their supplements at the office and many of the same or similar products are available at your local health food store and/or online.  Your doctor may receive a commission for products sold to their patients.

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