NIH Dr Koren Barrett

Dr. Koren Barrett

Dr Koren Barrett is a California licensed naturopathic doctor. She assists a great number of patients in the Orange county area with their medical concerns.  She employs an individualized approach for every patient to address their particular health needs.

Dr Barrett offers integrative medical care. Integrative medicine is a discipline that combines the best of both mainstream and natural therapies in one practice. She utilizes a variety of therapeutics including dietary and lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, and incorporating pharmaceutical prescriptions when needed.

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Dr. Jessica Siani

Dr. Jessica Siani is a California licensed naturopathic doctor.  She currently has a
general family practice in the orange county area where in which she focuses on
helping patients optimize health and overcome chronic illness.

Dr. Siani received her medical education from Bastyr University in Seattle Washington, a leader in science-based naturopathic medical education and alterative medical research.  She received her bachelor of arts and her pre-medical education at the  University of Arizona and California State University Long Beach, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

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Dr. Peggy Branson

Dr. Peggy Branson is a California licensed naturopathic doctor. She currently practices in the Orange County area focusing on family medicine and pediatrics. Her holistic approach to wellbeing empowers patients to take control of their health, which is vital to sustainable wellness.

Dr. Branson provides an integrative and holistic approach to health care for the entire family. By focusing on identifying and treating the root cause of disease, she is able to help her patients heal through the most natural methods possible and achieve optimal health.  She utilizes a variety of different therapies including dietary and lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplements, botanical medicines as well as pharmaceutical prescriptions when necessary.  Dr. Branson believes that an individualized approach to health is the way to achieve lasting results and success, and therefore takes the time to truly listen to her patients and understand their current health status and health goals.

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Dr. Lauren Vreeland

Dr. Vreeland is a California licensed naturopathic doctor specializing in family medicine, women’s health and naturopathic dermatology.  She is passionate about natural skin care and treating difficult dermatologic cases. Dr. Vreeland is also an expert in diagnosing and treating food sensitivities and allergies.

Dr. Vreeland earned her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego, graduating with honors. She completed her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. Bastyr, renowned for its cutting edge research programs, is globally recognized for its rigorous curriculum in science-based natural medicine. Dr. Vreeland has advanced clinical training with leading experts in dermatology, women’s health, environmental medicine and homeopathy.

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Dr. Nikka Kanani

Dr Kanani received her Doctorate from Bastyr University in San Diego. Before that, she attended the University of California, Irvine where she received my Bachelor's degree in Public Health Science and completed her pre-medical coursework. Dr Kanani knew that she wanted to become a doctor since she was a child, because she wanted to combine her passion for serving others with her interest in health and science. Throughout her childhood and adolescent years, she struggled with conditions like eczema, acne, migraines, and terrible allergies that were not being treated effectively. She started to become exposed to natural and integrative medicine as she grew older, and saw the profound effect it had on her own health, and the health of her friends and family. Shortly after, she discovered Naturopathic medicine and realized that it was the perfect fit for her. It unites her respect for conventional western medicine and her appreciation of natural medicine.

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