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Our Values

Your wellness is our top priority. Our goal is to aide every patient in their unique journey to achieving health and wellness. We believe in the value of preventative medicine and the necessity of doctor as teacher.

What to Expect

Patient-Centered Approach

Our doctors have the time to listen and help. Initial visits last one hour and return visits are 30 minutes. This allows the patients enough time to discuss their health in depth and for the doctor to answer questions.

Find the Cause

Our doctors want to do more than only treat symptoms. They dig deeper to unearth the source of your health concern.

Effective and Individualized Treatment

Our doctors construct your personalized care plan that is perfect for you. We combine both western and natural medicine to create a balance for each patient. Blending diet, exercise, herbs, nutrients and pharmaceuticals to meet your individual needs.


Our Patients

Dr. Barrett is the most patient, knowledgeable and compassionate human and changed our lives for the better.

R.A., Corona, CA

Dr. Branson is very kind and caring! I feel like I am talking to a friend who totally understands me and my health. Her appointments aren’t rushed so she has the time to determine the root cause and look at alternatives that aid in my health. She is extremely knowledgeable.

C.C., Costa Mesa, CA

I love the staff and care of this place! After 2 years of trying to solve a digestive issue – Dr Siani to the rescue. She’s like a detective and so intuitive! Love!

C.J., Aliso Viejo, CA

Dr. Vreeland absolutely blew my mind. On my first visit she started out by asking all the necessary questions, and ones that all seemed to reveal answers towards the end. Dr. Vreeland is calm, patient, so knowledgeable and listened very well.

C.P., San Luis Obispo, CA
Dr. Kanani is truly one of the most caring and trustworthy people I’ve met. During my initial visit, she spent an entire hour listening to my health history from childhood, and answered all my questions. After seeing many doctors with no improvement, I started accepting that my fatigue and digestive issues were something I should get used to. After a few months, I feel like a new woman with a new gut. I’m so thankful I found her.
D.A., Newport Beach, CA

With Dr. Branson I feel like I have a friend who is actually thinking about how to help the issue from all angles. She is a wealth of information and always makes me feel like I am discussing a plan for action with a friend that truly cares where most doctors I have had made me feel like just another nameless patient. Dr. Branson cares and is passionate about what she does. You can feel it with every conversation you have with her.

G.J., Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Koren Barrett is the most knowledgeable hormone specialist I have ever had the pleasure to worked with. She is my one-stop doctor on most of my health needs. A master at diagnosing and treating the most simple to complicated case, she has helped me heal issues that five other doctors could not.

E.W., Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Vreeland is one of the best out there. She is one of the few physicians who really takes time to hear your whole story before jumping right into diagnosis or treatment options. She talks you through her thought process and lays out options so you can choose what is best for you. My husband and I have both loved working with Dr. Vreeland. I cannot recommend Dr. Vreeland enough!

M.S., Costa Mesa, CA

After dealing with irregular periods for years, and being recommended birth control by every doctor I saw, I decided I wanted to see a Naturopathic doctor and found Dr. Kanani. She is extremely thorough and actually listened to all of my health concerns. After a comprehensive work up, she diagnosed me with PCOS. She spent extra time educating me about the condition and gave me a detailed treatment plan. I appreciate how she made sure that her recommendations were realistic for me and my lifestyle. It’s the first time I’ve actually followed a a treatment plan, and I can’t believe how much better I feel!

L.N., Corona del Mar, CA

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